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Tenuous Links is a social networking portal that aims to provide social networking with a purpose. Itís has been created to allow to people like your good self to share all is good about the world wide web. It does this by providing several features that work together or in isolation, to allow you to communicate all that is wacky, weird, or just darn wonderful about the World Wide Web. These features included a blogging facility, microblogging, a comprehensive website directory, social bookmarking and member linking, that allows you to follow the activity of like-minded users as they interact with Tenuous Links


Tenuous Links Blogs - TLogs

Tenuous Links blogs or TLogs provide you with a mechanism publish your thoughts, knowledge and experience on the Tenuous Links website. Ideally we would like TLogs to include to links to websites that relate to the content of you TLog but this is not essential. Tenuous Links is too rock n roll for rules. Weíd much prefer you send your time making your blog interesting and compelling. All we ask is that they are clean and legal.

Once you have written your TLog, Tenuous Links will help you promote your message. Every TLog entry published will appear, at least for a short while, in a prominent position on our home page. In addition to this there will be a notification of each publication on our microblog TLitter, and your TLog entries will be available for syndication using both RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Atom feeds.

Until someone tells us better, we feel that this support in promoting your online message is unique to Tenuous Links.

Tenuous Links Microblogs Ė TLitter

TLitter (pronounced litter) is a microblogging facility that allows you to leave a short message on Tenuous Links. These messages can take a number of forms. General messages can be posted to your personal TLitter timeline, or you can broadcast a message and have it displayed on the main Tenuous Links microblog just one click away from our home page.

In addition to microblogging, TLitter also allows you to follow with notable events including new member registrations, website directory additions, newsletter publications, etc. etc.

The Tenuous Links Website Directory

The Tenuous Links website directory has been at the heart of Tenuous Links since itís birth itís 2002 launch. The basic idea is to provide a way of finding websites that isnít dictated by the complex algorithms of a multi-million dollar search engine. Instead we adopt a more manual process that rates each site we list against five key factors of aesthetic, usability, speed, quality of service and originality. If thereís a great website that we donít list then please let us know using add site and we will get on the case. Between us we can then make Tenuous Links a comprehensive directory of the Web's best sites.

Social Bookmarking

Once you (as weíre sure you will) have found a link in our the directory that you like, you can store this as a favourite by clicking the heart-shaped symbols displayed beside this link. You will then be able access you list of favourites from anywhere you gain access to the web. This could by at home, abroad or in the office.

Once you have selected a favourite, the social nature of Tenuous Links kicks in with your good taste being broadcast on both the Tenuous Links microblog and in one of the portlets on your personal Tenuous Links hub page. A hub page is like a personal home page, but you will see more when you register (as we hope you will).

Tenuous Linking

Tenuous Linking in another social feature of the site that will allows you members to follow the activity of other members as they interact with the site. By tenuously linking to another member there activity will be pulled into you own personal TLitter line and you will be able to see when what favourite sites they are adding, any linking to other members and what TLogging and TLittering they do.

Once you have tenuously linked to another member, you will also be to send them messages. You will be able to do this publically, allowing every one to see, or you can choose to whisper a messages so only the intended recipient can see what are saying.

Tenuous Links has several more features that we have not had time to mention here. The best way to find out them is probably to register and have a play. Unlike some social networking sites, Tenuous Links in not on the radar of the big, nasty corporations as yet, so you should be able to access it from you workplace. So sign-up now an you will be able to enjoy the world of Tenuousity during lunch times and tea breaks, Tell your mates, just donít tell your boss, or for that matter the IT guy.

If you have any questions then please take a look at our frequently asked questions. Alternatively, contact us and we will endeavour to answer your query with passion and gusto.

Yours tenuously

Tenuous Links

We (the registered owners of this domain name) take no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any of the content of this site and make no warranty to the level of service provided by it. We do not guarantee or warranty any of the content, products and services provided by any of the external internet sites that this site links to and we are not liable for your use of these sites. All website reviews displayed on this site concern the design of these sites and do not relate to the products and services featured by the site under review. Users of this site should take the appropriate professional advice before entering into any communication or transaction.
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