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Comedy Sites at Tenuous Links
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Link rating 93% ish


Visit this TLinkAdd Hulu to favourites

Hours of hit US TV available on demand and for free to US residents. Shows include Family Guy, The Office, Prison break and Saturday Night Live.

Visit this TLinkAdd Quotes Of to favourites

A collection of hilarious quotes, not from the famous, but from real people. Browse the hundred quotes posted already or register, create a group and start adding the gems that come out of the mouths of your friends and colleagues. (From the creator of Tenuous Links)

Visit this TLinkAdd Albino Black Sheep to favourites

Albino Blacksheep features and promotes entertaining, creative, interactive and humorous work by its independent members. This includes Flash animation, film, online games, images and music.

Visit this TLinkAdd I Used To Believe to favourites

A Yahoo award winning site that lists a collection of funny ideas and thoughts that people thought were true when they were children. Worth a quick look of you're board at work.

Visit this TLinkAdd Private Eye to favourites

The free online version of Britain's brashest and best satirical magazine. Regular features include Colemanballs, Lord Gnome and Dumb Britain.

Visit this TLinkAdd Viz Magazine to favourites

The official Viz web site includes many of the excellent and hilarious features of the Legendary adult comic. The online offerings include Roger's Profanisaurus, Crap Jokes, and an archive of comic strips that have featured in the comic.

Visit this TLinkAdd Eddie Izzard to favourites

The official Eddie Izzard site is a professionally produced offering contains the latest tour news, Realplayer video clips, merchandise, and a biography of Eddie's work.

Visit this TLinkAdd Awkward Moment to favourites

Best Place for awkward moment pictures, images, snaps, photos and the most hilarious funny pics.

Visit this TLinkAdd Satire Wire to favourites

This US "News" magazine that features has some funny, if offensive, articles. Satire Wire is very hard hitting and should be avoided by the easily offended. However, if you have the right sense of humour, are over 21, and don't mind it's American bias the give it a chance.

Visit this TLinkAdd The New Yorker to favourites

The on-line edition of the magazine featuring much of the content of the reportage, commentary, criticism, essays, cartoons, poetry and fiction of the offline version of the publication.

Visit this TLinkAdd Weebles Stuff to favourites

The wacky world of Weebls Stuff. Home to the badgers, kenya, magical trevour and two eggs obsessed with pie.

Visit this TLinkAdd Comedy Central to favourites

Funny videos, games, jokes and news from the Comedy Central Insider blog and downloads from all your favorite Comedy Central shows.

Visit this TLinkAdd The Office to favourites

A fully featured offering from the BBC includes wallpaper, video clips (including David's red-nose day dance) and a Wernham-Hogg newsletter written by the Brentmeister General. Take a look at Renaissance Man which is particularly funny.

Link rating 85% ish


Visit this TLinkAdd Snopes to favourites

Snopes is an interesting site that forms a reference to urban myths and legends. Snopes contains a number of interesting stories over a number of topics and attempts to give an indication to their quality and validity.

Visit this TLinkAdd The Onion to favourites

The Onion is an online newspaper that is deep steeped in satire. If you don't mind rather strong language then take a look the Onion`s many spoof news features and debates. You'll find real gems, that might bring tears to your eyes.

Visit this TLinkAdd Everybody Loves Ray to favourites

Web page for the hugely popular American sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond. Which I bloody love.

Visit this TLinkAdd Framley Examiner to favourites

A hilarious online newspaper of a fictitious town. Visit this and you will laugh.

Visit this TLinkAdd Zack Braff to favourites

Official homesite of Zach Braff star of the excellent Scrubs and great holiwood movies such as Garden State, The Last Kiss and Chicken Little: Ace in Action. Site includes a blog from Zach.

Link rating 83% ish

I Resign *  

Visit this TLinkAdd I Resign to favourites

I-resign.com examines the art of resigning from various angles and template resignation letters that guarantee a stylish and dignified exit. In addition the site also contains a range of services and advice that could help enhance you career prospects. The funny resignation letters section is worth a visit just by itself.

Link rating 81% ish


Visit this TLinkAdd b3ta to favourites

If you enjoy Hummus and Polar Bears - then you'll love this site. The only site to visit during your lunch break, be prepared to match wits against the world's oddest in a bid to win the weekly Photoshop competitions and become one of the ''Best of the Board''.

Visit this TLinkAdd Evil Sunday to favourites

An original, entertaining and sometimes disturbing view on the world, religion, culture and people

Visit this TLinkAdd The Darwin Awards to favourites

A legendary site named in honour of Charles Darwin the proposer of natural selection. Darwin Awards celebrates those who add to the gene pool by removing themselves from it. Worth a look

Visit this TLinkAdd Dean and Nigel to favourites

Dean and Nigel are two guys who just blend in. In doing so they produce some extremely funny photographs. This site's well worth a visit, and if your humour's a little strange you might find it to be the funniest place on the web.

Visit this TLinkAdd Primate Programming Inc to favourites

Primate Programming Inc. is dedicated to the advancement and gainful employment of hominids and monkeys within the United States information technology sector and globally. We are the de facto pioneer in Primate Programming(tm) worldwide.

Visit this TLinkAdd Atom Films to favourites

Atom Films contains a massive selection of downloadable films over a wide selection of categories including animation, comedy, drama and much more.

Visit this TLinkAdd Ray Romano to favourites

This is the webpage of the star of Everybody Loves Raymond. What a funny guy!

Link rating 78% ish


Visit this TLinkAdd Extras to favourites

An area of the BBC website dedicated to Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's TV comedy Extras, that allows you to view clips and watch the latest eposodes.

Visit this TLinkAdd Dead Brain to favourites

If Satire Wire is (was) one of the best American satire sites, Dead Brain is up there with the best of British. It has updates almost every day of the week that are consistently good - something most similar sites struggle to do - as well as forums, e-cards and a load of free goodies. Well worth a visit.

Link rating 76% ish


Visit this TLinkAdd Anorak to favourites

With the strap line "Keeping Tabs on the Tabloids", is an excellent send up of the UK tabloids. Anorak's satirical spin of current new stories, is a little hard hitting and not for the easily offended, but extremely funny.

Visit this TLinkAdd Borat on MySpace to favourites

Borat`s MySpace page. Includes all sorts of stuff including a link to his blog and .... It`s a MySpace page you know the score.

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