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by Joquim Fernandes

First Published: 28/02/2019 09:52:26

Raffles Singapore is honoured to be a part of the SNOW (Say No to the Oppression of Women) Gala 2018, officiated by Guest of Honour, Ms LOW Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Education and Manpower, Singapore.

Inaugurated in 2005, the annual gala dinner, SNOW, is Singapore Committee for UN Women’s highly anticipated fundraising event, held in support of women and girls’ empowerment in Singapore and in the region.

Raffles Singapore presented a motion graphics video designed by Raffles Multimedia Designers, under Creative Practitioner Michael LOO’s guidance, for Singapore Committee for UN Women’s (SCUNW) campaign.

The video was played during the SNOW Gala to commemorate and celebrate SCUNW’s 20th anniversary, as well as to recognize the ongoing issues of gender inequality.

Style icon Ms Lynn YEOW De-Vito also attended the event dressed in Raffles Fashion Designer SHAO Ruowen’s “Indiscrimination” collection.

Special thanks to Ms Lynn YEOW De-Vito and Singapore Committee for UN Women for supporting Raffles Fashion Designer SHAO Ruowen and Raffles Multimedia Designers CHOU Min-Hsuan, Elmeyshia LILAW, Arina Pramudita Putri APOLO, and Michelle Alexis DARMAWAN!

We are proud of our Raffles Designers, who applied their design skills for a good cause!

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