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Nothing Strenuous With Tenuous

Published: 22/01/2011 11:33:16

Nothing Strenuous with Tenuous

by Carl Rutherford

Social Networking site Tenuous Links is online to rocket from a 75% boost in traffic in 2010 with more secrets up its sleeve.

Site owner Mel Small is on his milky way to smash into the likes of Facebook and Twitter with an earth shattering new phenomena.

Ever tried to sneak a quick one at work? Only for administrator denied access. Not anymore! Most industries turn off your ability to socially network at work, whereas Tenuous Links can be reached with no problem at all.

Only a matter of time before they cotton on though so be quick to take this limited time to sign up and make the best of this free networking site.

Members of Tenuous Links can create their own online store of favourite sites, by clicking on the heart shaped symbols displayed beside each link. By doing this they have a central store that can be accessed from wherever in the world they happen to be.

Tenuous Links provides a straightforward way for its members to publish their thoughts and insight using a blogging facility called TLogs, making sure your blogs are read.

Every TLog entry published is linked from the homepage and it also use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to distribute each posting.

Another magical aspect is TLitter, a microblogging facility that lets members of Tenuous Links post short messages on the site. These messages can be broadcast to the world or directed at another member.

TLitter also allows members to follow other events on the site including member registrations, directory additions and newsletter publications.

Tenuous Links shuns fancy algorithms and takes a low-tech approach that involves manually rating each website it lists using five key factors of aesthetic, usability, speed, quality of service and originality.

Site owner, Mel Small said: "This has been our best year yet and It's just getting better".

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