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Billingham Town Square by Teessider Forever

First Published: 30/12/2010 14:21:39

Some pictures of Billingham Town Square taken on 24th December 2010 using my iPhone.  It's so sad to see how run down it is now.  It used to be quite a vibrant place.  I suppose you could even call it a bit of a cultural centre in its day, with a theatre (in the forum) an art gallery, a library and even a bandstand.   As is probably a theme across the country, most of the shops are now closed, charity shops, or discound retailers.  Those tasked with taking care of our built environment should be ashamed of themselves.

Billingham Forum

Billingham Forum

(Currently under refurbishment... about time)

Billingham Town Square

Billingham Town Square

(Art gallery on the left)

Statue outside Billingham Art Gallery

Statue Outside Billingham Art Gallery

The Spiral Ramp Billingham Town Square

The Spiral Ramp

The Playground Billingham Town Square

The Playground 

Wayne Marshall Pet Shop Billingham Town Square

The Pet Shop 

 (Sadly now closed)

The Astronaut Pub, Billingham Town Square

The Astronaut Pub 

(... or Bar S as it's now called)

Billingham Town Square

The Electricals Shop

(Where Rumbelows Used To Be)

Billingham Library

Bilingham Library

Dawson House, Bilingham

Dawson House 

Ramp to the carpark, Billingham Town Square

Ramp To The Car Park 

Li Wah Chinese Restaurant

The Li Wah 

(Billingham's Chinese Restaurant)

Billingham Town Square

View from Upstairs on Billingham Town Square

Billingham Town Square

The Playground

Billingham Town Square

Billingham Town Square

Billingham Town Square

Billingham Town Square

(Bandstand in the background)

The Bandstand, Billingham Town Square

The Bandstand

Midland Bank, Billingham Town Square

The Bank

(Former Site of Midland Bank)

Cut Beside Asda, Billingham Town Square

The Cut Along Side Asda

John Whitehead Park

John Whitehead Park

Billingham Town Centre

Leaving Billingham Town Centre

(Where did Town "Centre" come from?)

Billingham Forum

Billingham Forum

(Not sure about the colour scheme)

The Billingham Arms

The Billingham Arms

What do you want to do next?

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