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Global Warming by Teessider Forever

First Published: 07/11/2009 12:29:19

In my first blog entry I mentioned food miles, carbon footprints and this and that.  This has got me thinking.  Whatever happened to acid rain? At one point it was all the rage.  Never out of the newspapers. Now you never hear of it. Same goes for the ozone layer. Is that OK now since hairspray stopped kicking s**t out of it when the eighties ended?

Now it's all global warming and carbon footprints, and it's not the fault of government and industry who have under invested in cheaper alternatives.  It's the fault of you and me and our fondness of cheap air travel. Two weeks in Minorca and some poor sod of a polar bear ends up balancing on an ice cube. Those blokes at Foxes Glassier Mints certainly were visionary.

My old mam has a theory bless her.  It all started when they started sending rockets into space.  Apparently, they've kind of punched some holes or something in the sky and that's the reason why we don't get snow and sun like we used to.  That doesn't however explain the summer of '76, which I spent in Tenby, South Wales, and I remember being a scorcher. Probably the hottest summer since records began.  That was some time after Uri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong et al went ballistic. However, that said, she could have a point.  I would imagine yer average Saturn 5 rocket has a carbon footprint that's about a size twelve.

So is it all hype?

Is gun crime and knife crime getting any worse, or has it always been bad? Is the internet creating paedophiles or helping more of them to get caught? Do immigrants really have their own special queue in the post office, as apposed to the other ones that appear to be the sole domain of pensioners?

There certainly is something up.  Not sure about global warming.  It's been more like global raining.  The weather seems to have breaking more records (since records began) than the British Olympic cycle team and Mr Michael "Big Lugs" Phelps put together.

See ya next time.


Captain Technology: Landfill

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